Hot Products for the 2013 Holiday Season

We asked the finalists for Retailer of the Year, awarded by Pet Product News International, what they chose as the best new products pet lovers will be flocking to this holiday season. Here are their picks.

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HuggleHounds“I think our hottest product this holiday season is going to be the HuggleHounds holiday line. Their designs are adorable this year and the durability is great for a stuffed toy.

I also think antlers of any type will be a big seller. They tend to be pricier, so people that have been on the fence about trying them will purchase them for holiday gifts.”

– Heidi Neal, owner of Loyal Biscuit Co.

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Kurgo-dog-puppy-harnesses-cam-camcorder-mounted-PRAn exciting line of products in the pet industry are cameras that can be hooked on to our pets, to see what they see. We notice that Kurgo’s Tru-Fit Harness with Camera Mount, for example, is designed and marketed specifically for this reason, using GoPro or Sony cameras. With the success of social media, such as Facebook and Pinterest, and the fact that our pets are becoming members of our families, sharing these findings, pictures or videos is becoming an important factor in our lives.”

– Jusak Yang Bernhard, owner of TailsSpin

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Dog e Glow with dog“One of the new pet products that we love and that we recommend to our clients are Dog-e-Glow LED collars and leashes. We love it because it helps keep you and your pets safe during evening walks, and it helps keep our dog walkers safe, as well!”

– Robyn Elman, president of In Home Pet Services, Inc.,

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RedBarnThis year we’re excited about the new Redbarn Candy Cane Fetcher. Usually we’re only able to find rawhides, which we don’t recommend, in holiday shapes. The Redbarn version is a much safer alternative, and when tested on our internal canine R & D department, was a huge hit!

The toys that are hot this year are the crinkle ones. Many still have the traditional squeaker but, instead of focusing on a seek-and-destroy (the squeaker) mission, there is a lot of distracted fun due to the crinkle. Plus, when the squeaker does die, the crinkle still keeps going providing longer fun usage!”

– Lorin Grow, Furry Face, Inc.

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Bolt 2“We like the PetSafe FroliCat BOLT because it is a great interactive cat toy that uses a laser to keep the cat exercising. The laser’s random pattern ensures the cat will not get bored with it right away. It is also a nice option for cats during the upcoming winter months where exercise, even for indoor cats, is very important.

Harvest StacksFor small animals, we like Oxbow Harvest Stacks, which are made from compressed Western Timothy hay and are a great way to feed small animals that require large amounts of hay in their diet. The compression technology reduces the dust and particles that loose hay can produce and is great for travel or if space is an issue.”

– Wendy Bartz, Manager of Corporate Purchasing for Chuck and Don’s