Introducing I-5’s New Adoption & Rescue Initiative

RSR2014 LowWe at I-5 Publishing are pleased to introduce three new publications that are coming out in early 2014 aimed at helping rescues.

Ready, Set, Rescue (published annually) is a step-by-step guide that walks new / prospective owners through choosing adoption over buying, picking the right pet, bringing them home and getting them successfully transitioned into a forever home. It aims to increase adoption by fighting the stereotype that rescue pets are “broken,” make pet ownership less intimidating for first time adopters, and reduce owner relinquishment through education: walking them through training, showing them where to find resources and inspiring them with success stories.

Rescue Me (published bimonthly) is a celebration of what happens when rescue goes right: heartwarming stories, how animal lovers can get involved, and a call to give back to the organizations and people who work day in and day out to take care of these beautiful animals.

Rescue Me PRO (published quarterly) will be a trade newsletter for those who work and volunteer in the community – sharing best practices, marketing ideas, fundraising approaches, etc. – so we can all share and learn more about the business of animal welfare.

RescueMecvr“This new publishing effort is the fulfillment of a long-held desire to give back to the pet community, and to empower and support the efforts of those dedicated to animal welfare,” says Ernie Slone, Group Editor.

The current plan is that roughly $20 of every $30 subscription will go on to animal welfare groups. And organizations can purchase the product at heavily discounted rates, allowing them to use sales as a fundraiser. They can purchase a package of the new magazines for $30, sell them for $100, and keep $70 of the proceeds.

Overseeing the launch of this new animal welfare initiative and product line is Brenda Bax, I-5’s new Publishing Director, Pet Welfare.

Prior to joining I-5, Bax worked for Nestle Purina Pet Care, where she spearheaded its animal welfare initiative and became Director of Purina Pets for People.

“Brenda has a long history within this community and a unique perspective that complements our belief that the community, sharing and consensus are incredibly important to the growth and maturation of the animal welfare community,” says Mark Harris, CEO of I-5 Publishing.

“I look forward to growing this program and its impact on the animal welfare community in the coming months,” Bax says.

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