The Average Pet Owner on Gifts

dogpresentWith the holiday gift giving season fast approaching, have you thought about what you’ll want to buy for your pet? If you’re like 96% of the pet owners we surveyed, giving a gift to your cat, dog, bird, reptile or small animal is something you are planning on for the upcoming holidays.

We asked pet owners to get more specific about how they plan for and choose the perfect gifts for pets. Here’s what they had to say:

Types of Gifts
Toys and treats topped the list with 80.7% and 76.6% respectively. Other pet owners gave necessities (26.9%) and clothing (11.7%). We’re sure the pets don’t mind!

Costs and Quantity
Less than $50 seems to be the sweet spot: 33.8% spend under $20, while 42.1% spent between $20 and $50 on their pet’s gift.
For that dollar amount, a whopping 81.4% are buying 1 to 5 gifts.

Pets Preferred
when it come to who our gift givers preferred to buy presents for, pets came out on top with 75.4%, followed by an even tie with kids and their spouse (both at 20.3%). Not one person chose their boss, which was the fourth option!

Planning vs. Spontaneity
An almost even mix of people say they make a list and plan for their pet’s gift (52.8%) as do people who let inspiration strike them while shopping (47.9%).What influences these decisions? 36.8% say that Yes, they were swayed into buying a specific gift based on an advertisement they saw.

Stocking Stuffers
71.5% of pets surveyed had their own stocking
And the majority of pet owners skipped over the prestuffed ones: 64.3% like to fill it themselves with their pet’s favorite things

Giving to Others
Aside from their own pets, people also buy gifts for their pet’s best friend (61.3%), pet sitters and veterinarian’s tied with 18.7% each, followed by the groomer at 13.3%.